Graduate Medical Education Policies & Procedures

Saint Louis University School Of Medicine 
Policy And Procedure Guide 
For Physicians 
Graduate Medical Education Programs


SECTION 1 – GME Programs
1.1 Rationale for the Involvement of Saint Louis University in Graduate Medical Education
1.2 Definition of Graduate Medical Education Programs
1.3 ACGME Approved Residency Programs
1.4 Residency Programs at Saint Louis University
1.5 Guidelines for Residency Programs
I.The Accreditation Process for Residency Training Programs
II.Requirements for Accreditation of Residency Training Programs
III.Funding of Resident Training Programs
IV.Distribution of Institutional Resources for GME Purposes
V.Residencies Accredited at Saint Louis University

1.6 Fellowship Programs at Saint Louis University
1.7 Guidelines for Fellowship Programs
1.8 Fellowship Program Application

SECTION 2 – Operation of Programs
2.1 Operational Considerations of Residency and Fellowship Programs
II. Evaluation and Record Keeping for Residents
III.Personnel Records
IV.Evaluation and Record Keeping for Fellows
V.Appointments and Stipends
VI.Malpractice Insurance
VII.Ombudsman Program
VIII.Saint Louis University Residents Association
IX.Residents’ Code of Professional Conduct
X. Changes in Program Size or Closure
XI.Due Process
XII.Completion of Training

2.2 Final Confidential Evaluation Form
2.3 Change of Status Form
2.4 Special Review Process
2.4a Responsibilities of Review Team Members
2.4b Meeting with Program Director and Coordinator
2.4c IRP General Compentencies
2.4d IRP Meeting with Faculty
2.4e IRP Meeting with Residents
2.4f Internal Review Report

SECTION 3 – Appointment of Residents and Fellows
3.1 Appointment of Physicians as Residents and Fellows
3.2 Appointment Request Form
3.3 Appointment Contract Letter
3.4 Responsibilities and Benefits Addendum
3.5 Reappointment Contract Letter
3.6 Reappointment Request Form

SECTION 4 – Rotating Residents and Fellows
4.1 Assignment of Rotating Residents or Fellows
4.2 Application – Residents Rotating from Other Institution
4.3 Memorandum of Agreement – Non-Compensated Educational or Research Assignment
4.4 Application – Residents Rotating to Other Institutions
4.5 Memorandum of Agreement – Research Fellow
4.6 Application Rotating HCP
4.7 Memorandum of Agreement-Non-Compensated HCP
4.8 Memorandum of Agreement-Compensated HCP
4.9 Application – Observer
4.10 Memorandum of Agreement - Observer
4.11 Memorandum of Agreement - for External Sponsorship
4.12 Application : Program for Away Rotation

SECTION 5 - Stipends
5.1 Stipends for Residents and Fellows
5.2 Stipend Rates

6.1 Appointment of International Visiting Fellows