Welcome to the academic homepage of

Frank Nichols

Associate Professor of Theological Studies

Saint Louis University

I grew up in an enlightened German-Irish ghetto in St. Paul, Minnesota, with the whole Lake Wobegone stitch.  I am the child of a mixed marriage.  That is, my father was an Irish St. Paul Cathedral Knight of Columbus, and my mother was a dyed in the wool German of  the Assumption Church.  I was tutored lovingly but strictly by devoted Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet K through 8, and cultured by an Irish pastor of the old school and a Collegeville liturgical enthusiast for the best enactments of the liturgical revival even in the old dispensation.

After ten years of teaching in Mid-West Catholic high schools (religion, English, Latin, French) and completing MAs in English and Philosophy, I studied theology and catechetics at the Lateran University in Rome and eventually completed my studies with a doctorate in theology in the Protestant Faculty at the University of Strasbourg in France.


During those formative years I had been active in the Great Books movement, and I have carried a preference for primary texts in literature, philosophy and theology in my teaching. Interest in literature led to my teaching a course in "Literature and the Bible" for many years, and training in philosophy led to my teaching many courses in fundamental theology--God, faith, revelation and the like.


I had also been a Christian Brother for twenty years, so it is not surprising that I have been particularly interested in the Seventeenth Century school of French Spirituality, which in turn led to courses in Jansenism and connected topics.


As a long-time SLU professor I have taught a least twenty different undergraduate courses on theological and biblical topics, as well as a dozen graduate courses in historical methodology, and various topics in modern European theology, as well as a variety of systematic theological courses on the M.A. level.


My wife Jane is a recently retired special education teacher, and we have three grown children--Genevieve a lawyer in St. Louis, Matthew a structural engineer in Denver, and Gregory a luthier in Boulder.