University Committees with Appointments Made by the Faculty Senate 
Below are appointments to university-wide committees which have been made by the Faculty Senate.  These committees are managed by other academic and administrative partners at Saint Louis University; the full roster of the committee may be obtained by contacting the person listed below.  By comparison, the Faculty Senate leads and/or manages many committees, work groups and task forces of its own; they are listed on another page of this website.


Chair of the University Committee on Rank and Tenure  (website)
Fred Niederman, Professor, Cook

Graduate Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC)
Jesus Garcia-Martinez, Associate Professor, Doisy: Health Sciences and Informatics

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC)
Nina Westus, Associate Professor, Nursing
Program Review Council (website)
appointment term end is shown in brackets [ ] 
            Stephen Casmier - Professor, A&S: English [2017]    
            Amy Harkins - Doisy: Heath Information Management [2017]
Jan Palmer - Nursing [2017]
Terry Tomazic - Associate Professor, A&S: Sociology & Anthropology [2018]
Susan Spencer - Associate Professor, A&S: Biology [2018]
Bonnie Wilson - Associate Professor, Cook: Economics [2017]
Chris Werner - Professor, Doisy: Physician Assistant Program [2018]
Past Members: Ronaldo Luna - Parks: Civil Engineering (2015-2016), Ginge Kettenbach - Doisy: Physical Therapy (2015-2016), Bob Cropf - A&S: Political Science (2015-2016), Chuck Kirkpatrick - A&S: Chemistry (2015-2016)


Bicentennial Fellows Committee (established 2016)
Lorri Glover - A&S: History
John Tavis - Med: Molecular Microbiology & Immunology 

President's Diversity Council
Carol Beckel - Doisy: Physical Therapy

Learning Technology Advisory Committee
Bobbi Shatto - Nursing
Dan Nicklai - A&S: Languages, Literatures and Cultures

President's Advisory Council 
Doug Williams, President
Ruth Evans
Michael Mancini
Karen Petroski
Doug Rush, President-elect
Lauren Schwarz
Eric Armbrecht, Secretary


CURA Program (website)
Fred Buckhold III - Med: Internal Medicine

SPACE (Space Planning Allocation Committee)
Robert Scott Martin - A&S: Chemistry
Dan Gillen - Med: Anesthesiology
Jim Burwinkel - A&S: Theater

Chris Werner - Doisy: Physician Assistant Program
Employee Health Insurance Benefits Advisory Committee (aka, Medical Ad Hoc)
Irma Kuljanishvili - Parks: Physics
Michael Swartwout - Parks: Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering 

Sustainability Advisory Council
Lynda Morrison - Med: Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Tom Crawford - A&S: Biology and Center for Sustainability

Bicentennial Steering Committee
Bradley Bailey - A&S: Fine Arts & Theater

Tobacco Free Campus Policy Committee
Razi Muzaffar - Med: Radiology

Office365 Advisory Committee
Alexander Lin - Med: Surgery
John Buerck - SPS: Computer Information Systems


We are grateful for the faculty who recently completed service to a university-wide committee.  Below is a list of completed appointments initially made after August 2015.

Graduate Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC)
Lisa Willoughby, Associate Professor, A&S: Psychology (term ended Dec 2016)

Email Advisory Committee, 2015-2016 
Alexander Lin - Med: Surgery
Kevin Scannell - A&S
John Buerck - SPS: Computer Information Systems

Sustainability Committee, 2015-2016
Elizabeth Hasenmueller - A&S: Earth and Atmospheric
Fernando Serrano - PHSJ: Environmental & Occupational Health

Working Group on Student-Invited Speakers and Performers, 2016
Aaron Taylor - Law