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August 26, 2016 - Welcome Message from the President of the Faculty Senate

posted Oct 14, 2016, 3:10 PM by Eric Armbrecht

A Message from the President 

of the Faculty Senate

August 26, 2016



Dear Colleagues,


As President of the Faculty Senate, I want to extend a warm welcome to you as we begin the new academic year.    It is an honor and privilege to serve as the faculty's representative in matters of university-wide concern.  I and my Senate colleagues will work diligently to ensure that our processes of shared governance at Saint Louis University will continue to be robust and effective, 


As we greet new and returning students, faculty, and staff to the university, I am newly cognizant of the trust and confidence that these students and their parents have placed in us as faculty members of Saint Louis University.  It is an awesome responsibility and tremendous privilege to do what we do on a daily basis.  I am extraordinarily proud to be associated with colleagues that daily meet that responsibility in the classroom, in the laboratory, and out in the larger community -- a faculty that breathes renewing life into our mission to pursue truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity.   

We will face some significant challenges over the coming year.  As Provost Brickhouse’s recent welcome letter indicated, it will be a year in which we intentionally engage in a process of transformational change that will lead to an even better SLU -- one with curricula that provide a distinctive educational experience for all our students, one that remains true to our Jesuit heritage, one that invests in and commits itself to the meaningful and impactful research and scholarship in which we as a faculty and a community engage.


The Senate will support and participate extensively in this collaborative process of transformational change, contributing to ensure that decisions are informed, consistent with our mission, and taken only after meaningful consultation with those most affected by them.  As faculty, we have an important, indeed vital, voice in this process.  It is my intention to promote the Senate and its committees and task forces as institutional pathways for our voice to be considered, formed, communicated, and heard. 


The work of the Senate on other matters will continue, including: 

·       Working in concert with the Provost and other key administrators as the Magis Operational Excellence Program is implemented, fostering a transparent and inclusive process in which initiatives aimed at academic issues proceed in accordance with SLU’s commitment to shared governance and in compliance with the Faculty Manual. 

·       The establishment of a Senate Budget Committee to serve as a liason between the administration and the Senate and to facilitate budget transparency as the Magis Operational Excellence Program is implemented. 


·       The Senate’s Compensation and Fringe Benefits Committee will continue to meet with key administrators and to seek ways to continue progress toward addressing our longstanding faculty compensation issues. 

·       Our Advisory Board in Support of Faculty Scholarship will work collaboratively with our new VP of Research, Dr. Ken Olliff to improve our internal processes supporting research, expand our research and scholarship productivity, and collaborate to identify priority areas for increased investment.


·       During the fall semester, a new Joint Provost-Senate Task Force will be formed to translate the Task Force on Becoming a SLU Baccalaureate’s inspiring Vision Statement into a set of learning outcomes and to develop a process through which a university-wide core curriculum can be articulated and delivered.    

 ·       The Faculty Workload Policy Review Committee will review and make recommendations to Provost Brickhouse on the workload policies you have worked so hard on in your respective departments, colleges, schools, and centers. 

 ·       A newly created Joint Provost-Senate Committee for the Support and Promotion of Mid-Career Faculty will begin to identify ways in which a very large cohort of our faculty can be better supported, and where appropriate, placed on meaningful pathways to promotion. 


I encourage you to meet and discuss any matters of concern with me, members of the Senate’s Executive Committee, and your respective Senators.  Information on the Senate and its membership can be accessed at


I also want to personally invite you to attend our first general meeting of the Senate, which will convene at 3:30 pm on August 30 in the Wool Ballroom in Busch Student Center.  . 


To a productive and satisfying year and with highest regards,


Doug Williams

President, Faculty Senate
(314) 977-2786