Who Requires Entrepreneurship Education

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February 14, 2016

In August of 2001 and September of 2013 I inquired on the ENTREP-L discussion list about schools which either required an entrepreneurship course as part of the core requirements, or included entrepreneurship as a component in core courses. With around two dozen responses (see Thanks To below), I was able to put together the following list. It covers Courses Required of All StudentsEntrepreneurship Included in the Capstone Course, and Entrepreneurship Required of Management Majors. As always, let me know what changes are needed - you can email me at  jerome.katz@slu.edu. 



  • Aberdeen University (Masters in the Sciences, Biomedics, Pharmacology and Fisheries Sciences) [UK]
  • American University (UG)
  • Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (All UG and Masters of Ent & Innovation students) [Australia]
  • Babson  (All UG and all MBA programs, incl. MBA capstone)
  • Belmont (All business UG, MBAs, Masters of Accountancy)
  • Benedictine (UG and EMBA)
  • Butler  (UG - 2 courses, MBA - 1 course)
  • Clarkson (All business UG - 2 courses)
  • Concordia (All business UG) [Canada]
  • Eindhoven University of Technology (Grad - Masters of Construction Mgt, Master of Eng. & Electrical Eng.) [Netherlands]
  • EM Lyon (UG) [France]
  • Fairleigh Dickinson (UG and MBA)
  • Fundacao Getulio Vargas  (UG - 2 courses) [Brazil]
  • George Washington  (All MBAs)
  • Harvard Business School (MBA)
  • HHL-Liepzig Graduate School of Management (MBA - one introductory & 2 capstone courses) [Germany]
  • IE Business School (All undergrad and masters students) [Spain]
  • Indiana University-Fort Wayne (All undergrads)
  • International Graduate Business School (All MBAs) [Croatia]
  • International University of Monaco - All MBAs [Monaco]
  • Jain Girls College Institute of Management and Technology (MBA, course & internship) [India]
  • Jönköping International Business School (BA/MSc) [Sweden]
  • Loyola (Maryland) - (All Emerging Leaders MBA students)
  • Monterrey Tech (UG) [Mexico]
  • Northeastern State  (MBA)
  • Oregon State (All business undergrads)
  • Royal Roads (All business undergrads - 3 courses) [Canada]
  • Samford  (All business undergrads)
  • San Francisco State (AMBA)
  • SEK University  (UG) [Spain]
  • Syracuse (All business undergrads and MBAs)
  • Technische Universität München  (UG) [Germany]
  • Univesidade Metodista de Piracicaba (All business undergrads - 2 courses) [Brazil]
  • University of Central Arkansas (MBA, IMBA)
  • University of Haifa (EMBA, 2 semesters) [Israel]
  • University of Washington (EMBA, Technology MBA)
  • University of Wyoming (MBA)
  • Utah State (MBA - four classes)
  • Villanova  (All business undergrads)
  • VU University Amsterdam (Grad course for medical faculty, health sciences, human movement sciences) [Netherlands]
  • Wilkes University (UG, 2 courses & internship)


  • Oklahoma State (capstone option)
  • Wake Forest University (MBA, 2 semesters)
  • Wilkes University (MBA)


  • Eastern Illinois University (UG-MM)
  • Kennesaw State University (UG-MM)
  • San Diego State University - (UG-MM)
  • Syracuse University (UG-MM)
  • University of Southern Mississippi (UG-MM)


  • AMBA - Accelerated MBA
  • EMBA - Executive MBA
  • IMBA - International MBA
  • MBA - All MBAs
  • UG - Undergraduate
  • UG-MM - Undergraduate Management Majors


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