Professional Organizations In Entrepreneurship

The Web houses information on a variety of types of professional organizations providing (or capable of providing) assistance and support to entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs and policymakers. 

Organizations primarily serving academics

The most research-oriented of the professional organizations, has roughly 800 members. Home of the major dissertation awards. No direct sponsorship of entrepreneurship journals, but contributes reviewers to the Academy's Journal, Review and Executive. A major national meeting in August (January due date) with extensive professional workshops.

Publishes The Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, an owner-directed Entrepreneurial Executive and an Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal. An annual national meeting.

The fundamental organization for marketing faculty with an interest in entrepreneurship. Excellent electronic newsletter. Annual research conference with proceedings.

A major meeting ground for economists and free enterprise chairs with an interest in entrepreneurship. Annual meeting, and publishes the Journal of Private Enterprise.

Babson College Programs

Babson College doesn't strictly have entrepreneurship organizations, per se, but they run two of the largest events in our field. The oldest is the annual Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference, which is one of the largest research gatherings of its kind in the field. The other is the annual Price-Babson College Fellows Program which provides training for new and established faculty in entrepreneurship.

Also called "Lifelong Learning for Entrepreneurship Education Professionals" or (LLEEP), the Experiential Classroom is an program from Oklahoma State University's Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises. The goal is to bring educators in for a chance to learn new pedagogical techniques and develop new skills and new contacts among other educators.

The oldest of the professional organizations (1955), and one of the largest (~1800). Has national affiliates, a annual World Conference, and publishes the Journal of Small Business Management.

Grown form its initial focus on vocational schools to accommodate entrepreneurship education at all levels, this organization sponsors an annual meeting.

This is a new organization whose primary focus are entrepreneurship faculty and programs in two-year postsecondary institutions. It has an annual national convention and offers news about community and technical colleges, but not a lot of additional material on its website.

The SBI program uses student teams to consult to small businesses. The businesses pay no money for the service. While you can obtain SBI help through referrals from SBA regional offices, you can also make direct contact with a participating college or university to start the process. The listing of participating schools is alphabetical by state.

American affiliate of the ICSB (above). Annual conference (with scholarships available from the Coleman Foundation) and sponsors Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice.

Organizations For Practitioners or Students Where Academics Have Been Active

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