Occupations With the Highest Percentage of Self-Employed

Few people realize that the vast majority of occupations can be done working for someone else or working for yourself. In fact, while most occupations are made up of wage-or-salaried people working for someone else, in other occupations significant percentages of people might work for themselves. The table below comes from the March Supplement to the Current Population Survey, an enormous monthly survey of Americans to find out about how they are doing. The March Supplement has a special focus on work and jobs, and provides a detailed look at the American workforce.

The table is arranged from occupations with the highest percentages of the self-employed, to those with the least. If you're interested, a companion table shows occupations arranged based on the largest numbers of self-employeds.

To search for your occupation hit Control-F (find) and type in the occupation name.

CPS Self-Employment Percentages By Occupation - March 2020