Entrepreneurship Programs at SLU

SLU was one of the first 25 schools in the world to teach entrepreneurship, and one of the first 25 to have an entrepreneurship center. SLU's entrepreneurship programs have been ranked in the top-25 every year since 1994, a record no other Missouri college can claim. Those programs are now across SLU, including:

Through the Chaifetz (formerly Coleman) Fellows Program, classes throughout other SLU majors have been redesigned to include material on entrepreneurship specific to students in non-business disciplines. A partial listing of those courses is below:
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering 
AENG 3150 - Astrodynamics
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering 
AENG 4111 Aerospace Laboratory
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering 
AENG-2000 - Introduction to Aeronautics and Astronautics, 
AENG -4100 Flight Vehicle Structures 
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering 
AENG 4004 Flight Vehicle Analysis & Design I,  
AENG 4014 Flight Vehicle Analysis &Design II  
AENG 3220 Aerodynamics 
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering 
KEEN Grant, 
Tinker Lab, 
Innovation Challenge Program & iBook
Aerospace and Mechanical EngineeringSLU-DronES (SLU's student-run aerial drone service) 
Aerospace and Mechanical EngineeringESCI 2150 Dynamics
Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyColeman Workshops in Medical Entrepreneurship
Biomedical EngineeringBME 4050 Biomedical Instrumentation
Biomedical EngineeringBME 4600 Quantitative Physiology I
BME 4650 Quantitative Physiology II 
Biomedical EngineeringMENG 4930-22,  
BME 4930-09,  
MENG 5810-22 Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Now BME 3000)
DNP - Nurse PractitionerNURS 6110 Healthcare Delivery Systems 
NURS 6961 DNP Clinical and Capstone Project
DNP - Nurse PractitionerNURS 6110 Healthcare Delivery Systems 
NURS 6961 DNP Clinical and Capstone Project 
Device Development Workshop between Nursing & Bio-Medical Engineering
EconomicsECON-4980 Economics of Entrepreneurship
Electrical & Computer EngineeringECE-3110 Energy Conversion
EnglishENGL 1900 (Rhetoric and Research)
Fine ArtsART 2120 3D Design 
ART 2450 Sculpture I
Fine ArtsART4800 Senior Design Studio
Hospitality ManagementOSTD 2930: Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
LawLAW 7425 Advanced Business and Commercial Transactions Practice
LawIP & Global Entrepreneurship
LawLAW 9530 Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic, 
LAW 9531 Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic I, 
LAW 9532 Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic II 
LawLAW 7430 Entrepreneurship Law 
Law SchoolLAW 7405 Transactional Drafting for Business Associations 
Leadership & Higher EducationEDR 5400 Qualitative Research in Higher Education 
MadridMGT3000 Introduction to Management (Madrid)
ManagementMGT3200 Managing Ideas in Entrepreneurial Firms
Nutrition & DieteticsDIET 5350 Clinical Systems Management 
Nutrition & DieteticsDIET 3900 Advanced Cooking
Nutrition & DieteticsDIET 5900 Culinary Practicum
DIET 5750 Gastronomy
Nutrition & DieteticsCreate the Culinary Entrepreneurship Major
PhilosophyPHIL 1050 (Introduction to Philosophy)
Physical TherapyDPT 6178 Applied Administration & Management 
DPT 7077 Departmental Administration
Social WorkSWRK 5799 - Social Entrepreneurship 
SustainbilityUPD 5200 local economic development policy and practice 

In addition, SLU has a variety of specialized services to support different forms and aspects of entrepreneurship, including:

SLU's Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship (including student competitions for colleges and high schools)
Parks College Tinker Lab (maker space with 3-D printers and related equipment)

SLU maintains a complete guide and map to the University's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystem.