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4 - Online Resources

Today there are more amazing free resources for entrepreneurship faculty and their students than ever before. Some of the ones I use and refer to the most are included here. If you have recommendations, please let me know at


Doan Winkel and Justin Wilcox's Teaching Entrepreneurship blog and website:
Social Entrepreneurship Education Resources:


Visme's A Non-Designer’s Guide to Creating Memorable Visual Presentations: Professionally done free online pitch deck templates.


Giff Constable's free ebook: Talking to humans (its companion is Testing With Humans)

A resource for templates (many free) for financial templates for specific industries (e.g. restaurants, B2B companies, etc.):
A platform for assessing the valuation of companies in hundreds of industries:

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Arch Grants' hotlinked list of STL resources:

Emily Muhoberac (one of my co-teachers) has developed the following list of "Tools of the Trade":