Applied Social Psychology Lab

Overview of Lab Research 

Close Relationships

  •     Definitions and predictors of romantic infidelity
  •     Friendships with ex-romantic partners
  •     Unrequited love and friendship maintenance

Health Attitudes

  •     Health attitudes, persuasion, and behavior
  •     Mediators of the religiosity-health relationship


Eddie M. Clark, PhD, Director
  • Infidelity
  • Friendship and romantic relationship maintenance
  • Health attitudes and persuasion, culturally appropriate health communication
  • Mediators of the relationship between religiosity and health behaviors
Graduate Research Associates
    Priscilla Fernandez (Lab Manager) 

  • Role of subjective norms in infidelity
  • Partner idealization

    Abbie  Harris 

  • Ambiguity and heuristic processing in perceptions of infidelity

    Michelle Hasan 

  • Jealousy
  • Mate poaching
  • Self-affirmation and infidelity
    Kate Votaw
  • Paradox of choice and mate selection
  •  Parasocial Relationships
  • Evolutionary psychology and attraction
    Kristin Broussard (primary advisor - Dr. Ruth Warner)

  • Multiple identities and intergroup attitudes and prejudice
  • Women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)

Undergraduate Research Assistants

   Petra Orescanin   

   Chelsea Sullivan

Front row:  Kristin Broussard, Michelle Hasan, Kate Votaw
Back row:   Petra Orescanin, Chelsea Sullivan, Eddie Clark, Abbie Harris, Priscilla Fernandez
Other Collaborators
Dr. Cheryl Holt  - School of Public Health, University of Maryland

Dr. Stan Gaines - School of Social Sciences, Brunel University (United Kingdom)

Dr. Stephanie Afful - Department of Psychology, Lindenwood University

Dr. Katrina Debnam - School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University 
Dr. Jana Hackathorn - Department of Psychology, Murray State University
Dr. Brent Mattingly - Department of Psychology, Ursinus College
Dr. Melinda Bullock Mattingly - Department of Psychology, Temple University
Dr. Debra Oswald - Department of Psychology, Marquette University
Dr. Jason Purnell - Institute for Public Health, Washington University
Dr. David Roth - Center of Aging and Health, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Emily Schulz - Department of Occupational Therapy, Arizona School of Health Sciencess
Dr. Vetta Sanders Thompson - Institute for Public Health, Washington University
Dr. Min Qi Wang - School of Public Health, University of Maryland
Dr. Dan Weidler - Department of Psychology, Northern Arizona University
Dr. Beverly Rosa Williams - Birmingham VA Medical Center
Community Health Awareness, Messages, and Prevention
      University of Maryland/National Cancer Institute

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Lab Contact Information

   Applied Social Psychology Laboratory
   Department of Psychology
   Morrissey Hall 2305
   Saint Louis University
   St. Louis, MO 63108
   (314) 977-2107
   Lab Manager  - Priscilla Fernandez -

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