Theological Studies Graduate Students

Doctorate of Philosophy in Historical Theology

Early Christianity
PhD Students

Medieval Christianity
PhD Students

Modern Christianity
PhD Students

  • Stephen Lawson
  • Phillip Hussey
  • Joshua Schendel
  • Alec Arnold
  • Isaac Arten

    Recent PhD Graduates

    Master of Arts in Theology

    MA Students

    • Julie Anderson (Religious Education)
    • Creighton Coleman (Religious Education)
    • Mary Ganser (Religious Education)
    • Fr. En Suan Lian (Ethics)
    • Nancy Liddy (Religious Education)
    • Elizabeth Nelson (Historical)
    • Megan Niedringhaus (Religious Education)
    • Michael Pilato (Historical)
    • Howard Place (Religious Education)
    Early Christianity
    PhD Candidates  

    Medieval Christianity
    PhD Candidates

    Modern Christianity
    PhD Candidates

    • Daniel Queathem (Religious Education)
    • Linda Rathz (Religious Education)
    • Kevin Seay (Ethics)
    • Andrew Struttmann (Religious Education)
    • Gabriel Vitale (Religious Education)
    • Samuel Walk (Historical)
    • Michael Ward (Religious Education)
    • Kate Willey (Religious Education)