Jeffrey F. Scherrer, PhD - Director of Research

Director, Associate Professor, Research Division
Secondary Appointment: Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research Adjunct Appointment: Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Jeffrey F. Scherrer, Ph.D.
Campus Contact Information

 Saint Louis University School of Medicine  Department of Family and Community Medicine  1402 South Grand Boulevard                O'Donnell Hall, 2nd Floor                              St. Louis, MO 63104                                Email:                          Phone: 314-977-8486


Undergraduate: B.A. Psychology, University of Missouri – St. Louis 1990
Graduate: M.A. Experimental Psychology, University of Missouri- St. Louis 1992
Graduate: Ph.D. Health Services Research, Epidemiology Concentration, Saint Louis University School of Public Health 2004

Research Interests
Health consequences of mental illness. Outcomes following prescription opioid use. Large medical record databases.  Veteran health issues. Mental health care in primary care settings, suicide prevention.

About Dr. Scherrer
Jeffrey F. Scherrer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine.  Dr. Scherrer has over 20 years research experience beginning as a research assistant in psychobiology.  Dr. Scherrer first joined SLU in 1990 as a research assistant in the Department of Geriatric Medicine.  After moving to SLU’s School of Public Health he worked on behavior genetic studies of substance use disorder and psychiatric comorbidity.  He has used this approach to determine common genetic risk to chronic health conditions associated with mental illness. In 2004 he joined the faculty of Washington University Department of Psychiatry and in 2008, he began a joint appointment with the St. Louis VAMC after receiving a Career Development Award from the VA’s Health Services Research and Development program.  In 2014, He received an NIH grant to study the association between chronic opioid use and risk of new onset mood disorder. In the same year, he received a Discovery Award from St. Louis County Children's Service Fund.  For this project he partnered with CHADS Coalition in St. Louis to develop and evaluate a novel training program for primary care residents designed to improve suicide detection and prevent suicide in primary care. Dr. Scherrer’s research is best characterized by an overarching interest in comorbidity, mind-body relationships and care delivery models for comorbid physical and mental illness. His research methods have covered a wide range of approaches from survey methodology, outcomes research in administrative medical record data to behavior genetic approaches in epidemiology.

Dr. Scherrer serves on the Institutional Review Board at Saint Louis University and is on the Family Practice editorial board.

When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Leslie, and their three children, 2 dogs and 2 cats.

2015 Publications

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