Welcome to the academic homepage of 

Dan Finucane,
 Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Theological Studies

"Tradition is not simply a permanent precondition; rather, we produce it ourselves inasmuch as we understand, participate in the evolution of tradition, and hence further determine it ourselves." 

(Hans-Georg Gadamer)


"You can put a shoe in the oven but it doesn't make it a biscuit." (Pete Seeger)

My research interest in the sensus fidelium is connected to a desire to increase the depth of faith and sense in the church - to be a contributing part of a living tradition.  In addition to teaching at the university, I regularly speak at churches and schools in the community, and write on theological topics in popular publications.

I have been at Saint Louis University since 1980, as a graduate student, Campus Minister, adjunct professor, full time assistant professor, and director of SLU's Catholic Studies program.


My life is blessed by my marriage to Laura, a retired middle school principal (and now trainer of teachers), and by our sons, Dan and Mike.  Both inside and outside the academy, life is good.