Cognitive Neuroscience

Overview: The Cognitive Neuroscience specialty focuses on an integration of cognitive psychology and neuroscience.  The content of the specialty reflects the research and teaching interests of the associated faculty.  Formal coursework focuses on basic issues in cognition and neuroscience, while specialty seminars focus on specifics of faculty and student interests. In the laboratory, emphasis is place on acquiring technical and practical skills in the instrumentation and research methodology associated with the student's specialization.  Also, writing and presentation skills necessary for the communication of research are emphasized through course assignments, grant writing, presentations at regional and national meetings, and publications.

Description: All students in the Cognitive Neuroscience specialty are required to be involved in research every semester, with the level of that involvement matching student competencies.  Ultimately this will lead to work on the master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation as well as writing publications and grant applications. Students are also encouraged to be involved in some aspect of teaching.  Initially this may involve preparation of single lectures for courses, or presentations at meetings, but eventually may involve responsibility for a full course.

Career Opportunities: This specialty is designed to prepare students for research careers in basic and applied settings and college teaching.

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