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Yun Tan, M.D., Ph.D

Associate Professor
School of Medicine 
Schwitalla Hall, M402
email: tany@slu.edu

Ph.D., Saint Louis University, 1999 
M.D., Binzhou Medical College, 1985

Teaching Responsibilities:

Medical Courses:

Introduction to Clinical Anatomy Module (A-100) 2008-present 
Global Health Learning Community (GHLC-106), Course Director, 2010-present
Prematriculation Program, Supervisor, 2011-present

Graduate Courses:
Human Gross Anatomy (ANAT-5000), Course Director, 2008-present
Advanced Dissections in Human Anatomy (ANAT-5500), Course Director, 2010-present

Service Courses:
Human Gross Anatomy for AHP (ANAT-4000), Course Director, 2008-present
Human Gross Anatomy for Physician Assistants ANAT-4100, Course Director, 2008-present

Faculty Appointments:

Associate Professor
Department of Surgery
Center for Anatomical Science and Education
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Assistant Professor
Department of Surgery
Center for Anatomical Science and Education
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Professional Experience:

Research Associate 
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Postdoctoral Fellow 
Department of Pharmacological and Physiological Science
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Chief Resident
Department of Emergency Medicine 
Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao Medical College (China)
 01/1991 - 07/1992 

Department of Emergency Medicine 
Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao Medical College (China)



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