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    postgraduate position (posted 11/5/12)

    Postgraduate (BS, MS) Fellowship Program Opportunity

    USDA Forest Service Research & Development

    Boise, ID

    Project Description:  A postgraduate fellowship project is available (via
    the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education) with the Rocky Mountain
    Research Station of US Forest Service Research and Development. RMRS
    maintains 12 research laboratories throughout a 12 state territory
    encompassing the Great Basin, Southwest, Rocky Mountains and parts of the
    Great Plains. The Station employs over 400 permanent full-time employees,
    including 100 research scientists.

    The fellow will support the Air, Water and Aquatic Environments Program's
    science delivery and application activities.  AWAE conducts basic and
    applied research on the effects of natural processes and human activities on
    watershed resources including interactions between aquatic and terrestrial
    ecosystems. The knowledge we develop supports the management, conservation,
    and restoration of terrestrial, riparian and aquatic ecosystems and provides
    for sustainable aquatic resources in the Interior West.

    The incumbent will work closely with scientists in the Rocky Mountain and
    Pacific Northwest Research Stations and in close partnership with aquatic
    and fisheries program managers in US Forest Service regions in the northern
    Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest to support the dissemination of
    current research and science support to resource managers and stakeholders.
    Some travel is required.


    Applicants must have received a Bachelor's or Master's degree in ecology,
    biology, environmental science, fisheries biology, hydrology, or a closely
    related field within five years of the desired starting date.  The ideal
    candidate will have strong written and verbal communication skills with
    demonstrated capabilities in science writing, a proven ability to work
    independently, and a client oriented focus.   Experience in freshwater fish
    biology and ecology and familiarity with the Pacific Northwest or
    Intermountain Region is preferred.  Experience with web page design,
    management and publishing software is desired.

    Under the mentorship of the program leads, the Fellow will:

    *         Help redesign and maintain a new program webpage (content and
    layout) to showcase AWAE's aquatic program research

    *         Develop communication and marketing materials to increase

    *         Communicate with Forest Service scientists and resource managers
    about current research as it relates to management concerns

    *         Contribute to science planning and policy evaluation at a national

    *         Contribute to science syntheses on high priority or emerging
    issues (e.g., wildlife disease, invasive species, climate change)

    This position provides an opportunity to:

    *         Learn about natural resource research and management issues at a
    regional scale

    *         Gain first-hand knowledge of the Forest Service's aquatic research

    *         Improve science delivery to managers and stakeholders

    *         Understand and contribute to the intersection of science and

    While this is primarily an office-based fellowship, opportunities to support
    field research are possible.  The fellow may explore options for future
    graduate research and take advantage of additional training opportunities.

    This appointment is full-time for one year and may be extended for up to
    three additional years upon the recommendation of the Forest Service and
    availability of funding. The annual stipend range for this position is from
    $42,209 up to $55,430, depending on qualifications.

    Housing, transportation and relocation costs will not be paid. Taxes and
    other federal, state, and local deductions are the responsibility of the
    Fellow. There will likely be opportunities for some professional travel
    during this appointment. The fellow must show proof of health insurance.
    Health insurance is available through Oak Ridge Institute for Science and
    Education (ORISE).  If the fellow selects coverage under the ORISE policy, a
    supplement to the stipend may be provided to offset a portion of this
    expense.  The fellow does not become an employee of the Forest Service or

    The program is open to all qualified individuals without regard to race,
    sex, religion, color, age, physical or mental disability, national origin,
    or status as a Vietnam era or disabled veteran. U.S. citizenship required.

    Interested applicants are encouraged to provide a preliminary application,
    consisting of a cover letter with statement of interest and goals and a
    resume/CV to Dr. Frank McCormick
    (<>; 208-373-4351).

    How to Apply:

    The U.S. Forest Service Research Participation Program is administered by
    Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education.  For additional information
    and application materials contact:  Vicki Johnson, MS-36, Oak Ridge
    Institute for Science and Education, PO Box 117, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-0117,
    Phone: 865-576-4202, Fax: 865-576-4197, e-mail:

    An application can be found at:

    Frank H. McCormick, Ph.D.
    Research Program Manager
    Air, Water and Aquatic Environments Program US Forest Service Research and
    Development Rocky Mountain Research Station
    322 E Front Street
    Boise, ID 83702

    W: 208 373 4351
    C: 208 866 9816

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