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    PhD in Environmental Science (11/5012)

    PhD Program at Wright State

    Pursue a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences at Wright State University

    The Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences Ph.D. program at Wright State
    University in Dayton, Ohio invites applicants for Fall 2013 admission.  The
    program provides interdisciplinary and focused topic courses, exciting
    research opportunities and training to prepare its students to better
    understand and solve complex environmental problems affecting human and
    ecosystem health, such as those caused by anthropogenic pollutants,
    increased greenhouse gas emissions, invasive species, habitat fragmentation
    and loss of biodiversity.  Our students receive training in preparation for
    careers in academia, state and federal agencies, industry, and non-profit
    Through a rigorous core curriculum and dissertation research, our program is
    designed to expose students to both traditional and emerging areas of
    environmental sciences, and offers the ability to focus on research in a
    more defined area. The program includes faculty in the departments of
    Biological Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Physics,
    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pharmacology and Toxicology,
    Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Physiology, Computer Science, and Mathematics
    and Statistics.  Current research, which is funded by agencies such as the
    United States Department of Agriculture, the National Science Foundation,
    the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense, ranges from issues
    of importance to aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric environments and from
    levels of organization from molecular to ecosystem levels.  Research
    approaches range from data mining and modeling to lab- and field-based

    The program offers stipends on a competitive basis to qualified applicants
    ($22,660/yr. for Fall 2013) along with a waiver of tuition costs.  Highly
    qualified applicants are also eligible to receive a Yellow Springs
    Instruments (YSI) Fellowship supplement for the first year in the program.
    First consideration of applicants for Fall 2013 admission will occur on
    February 1, 2013.

    Applicants are encouraged to contact program faculty in their areas of
    interest prior to completing the application to determine fit with a program
    faculty member.  A commitment by a faculty member to a student is required
    for admission. To apply online and to read more about our program and its
    curriculum, research, faculty and student profiles, please visit our main
    program website at:

    Questions regarding our program may be directed to our program office:

    Ms. Cathy Kempf, Administrative Specialist
    114 Biological Sciences I
    Wright State University
    Dayton, OH 45435
    Phone: (937) 775-3273
    FAX: (937) 775-3485


    Don Cipollini, Ph.D.

    Professor, Plant Physiology/Chemical Ecology

    Director, Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Program

    Wright State University

    Department of Biological Sciences

    203 Biological Sciences I

    3640 Colonel Glenn Highway

    Dayton, OH 45435

    Phone: 937-775-3805


    Lab Website:<>

    Environmental Sciences PhD program website:<>