PhD at Northern AZ Univ (posted 11/5/12)

PhD Position: Mycorrhizal Ecology

Position Announcement at Northern Arizona University

Ph.D. student to study molecular genetics of mycorrhizal fungal communities

The Johnson Lab of Soil Ecology at Northern Arizona University has an
opening for a Ph.D. student to study arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi in a
series of field studies designed to examine the importance of geographic
location, host plant genetics and soil fertility on the structure of AM
fungal communities. This position will provide graduate training and
experiences through participation in a USDA funded collaborative research
project involving research laboratories in the United States and Europe.
Molecular genetics will be used to identify Glomeromycota inhabiting the
roots of prairie grasses in large-scale field studies. These findings will
be combined with studies of soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics to gain
insights about the role of mycorrhizal symbioses and plant diversity in
belowground carbon sequestration.

Research collaborators:
Nancy Johnson, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff Arizona USA Gail
Wilson, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater Oklahoma USA R. Michael
Miller, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois USA Philippe Vandenkoornhuyse,
University of Rennes, France

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.      - Interest in mycorrhizal ecology
.      - Master's degree (or bachelors degree with extensive molecular
.      - Experience extracting and amplifying fungal DNA
.      - Experience using bioinformatics software
.      - English fluency and strong writing skills

Application Deadline:
Send CV to Nancy Johnson by January 1, 2013
Tel: 928-523-6473

School of Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability Department of
Biological Sciences Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ 86011