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    MS/PhD assistantship

    MS/PHD Assistantship in Entomology-Spring 2013 (posted 01/29012)

    The Cardoza lab is looking for an outstanding, enthusiastic, self-motivated
    graduate student with interest in the sustainable agriculture and soil
    arthropod ecology. Research in our lab employs a multidisciplinary approach
    to elucidating the mechanisms driving insect interactions with their
    environment, particularly in agricultural systems.

    The selected student will be part of a sustainable agriculture
    multidisciplinary team evaluating organic agriculture practices on
    mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, nutrient cycling and ecosystem
    services.  The main focus will be on arthropod community composition and
    their role in these processes.  As such, candidates with demonstrated
    enthusiasm for, and experience with, field research are highly encouraged to
    apply for this position. Experience with sustainable agriculture practices
    is a plus.

    Our collaborators include a diverse group of researchers interested in
    ecological and organic agriculture production techniques and their effects
    on various aspects of environmental quality, ecological services, soil
    quality and arthropod and microbial activity.
    Requirements:  We welcome inquiries from enthusiastic and dedicated
    individuals with background in entomology, ecology, biology, agronomy, soil
    science or related discipline. Minimum GPA 3.0, and 300 (MS) or 310 (PhD)
    pts GRE required. Candidates must have earned a degree in entomology or a
    related discipline for MS candidates (BS required), PhD candidates (MS

    Candidates are required to formally apply to, and must meet the requirements
    to be accepted by, the North Carolina State University Graduate School
    ( before consideration. Academic
    requirements are determined by the Department of Entomology

    For additional information regarding this opportunity contact:
    Dr. Yasmin Cardoza,
    Department of Entomology,
    North Carolina State University,
    Campus Box 7613,
    Raleigh, NC 27695
    Phone: (919) 513-1285

    YEARLY SALARY: $17,500 plus tuition and health insurance for MS and $19,000
    plus tuition and health insurance for PhD.

    Yasmin J. Cardoza, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Entomology
    North Carolina State University
    Campus Box 7613
    2315 Gardner Hall
    Raleigh, NC 27695-7613
    Office Phone: (919) 513-1285
    Lab Phone: (919) 513-3764
    Fax: (919) 515-7746