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    Fishery Management Specialist

    Job Announcement for Sustainable Fisheries (posted )ct 26, 2012)
    To: _NMFS NERO Staff only <>
    An announcement posted today on USAJobs for a Fishery Management Specialist
    (ZP Band II) position in the Sustainable Fisheries Division, here in
    Gloucester, MA.  The announcements will close IN SEVEN DAYS on October 31,
    2012, so all applications must be complete and filed with USAJobs by that
    date.  Please note the extremely short window of opportunity to apply for
    the position -- this was NOT of our choosing and Human Resources would not
    allow us to keep the vacancy open any longer.

    To access the job announcement, or to apply, go to:
    <, and enter either
    "NMFS-NER-2013-0002" (for all U.S. citizens) or "NMFS-NER-2013-0001" (for
    Federal employees) in the "What" search field to search jobs.

    Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested in applying for
    the position.
    Michael Pentony
    National Marine Fisheries Service
    Northeast Region, Sustainable Fisheries Division
    55 Great Republic Drive
    Gloucester, MA  01930
    Phone:  978-281-9283
    Fax:  978-281-9135