Dr. Shawn Nordell's Biology Career and Job info web site

This is a web site of biology career, internship, research experience and job information.  There are many students looking for opportunities right now and so I have set up this site to post this information.  I usually post new opportunities several days each week.  Please note that I am not hiring anyone to work myself but simply posting the information that I get from other sources.   
    There is a section on biology career information about a wide diversity of biology career options under career information.  In addition, it may also be useful to check out the jobs available and see what types of jobs are available and what skills and coursework they are looking for. 
    For undergraduates there are jobs, graduate assistantships, internships and volunteer positions posted under that section.  You may also want to check the summer opportunities section for additional opportunities.
    For students with a graduate degree there is a section of post-doc, faculty and other jobs.
     If you are looking for a summer research opportunity check that section. 
This site is maintained by Shawn Nordell, Ph.D. of Saint Louis University Biology Department.  
If you have career or job information that you would like posted please send it to me at nordell@slu.edu.  I try to update this several times a week.  Hope it helps.