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Past Issues

2012: Law School

The Dean of the Law School resigned with national publicity in August.

Aug 8, 2012: Dean Annette Clark releases resignation letter.

Aug. 8 article in Wall Street Journal:

2011-2012: CEPS

A major issue in the recent past, with many implications for AAUP involvement and cause for continued Chapter monitoring and support, was the attempt by the administration to dissolve some portions of the College for Education and Public Service.  

Feb 6, 2012: Rejoinder from VPAA to Public Policy Studies  [confidential]
Feb 6, 2012: Rejoinder from VPAA to CEPS Special Committee [confidential]
Feb 6, 2012: VPAA final recommendation [confidential]

2000-2012: Madrid Campus

The governance structure at SLU's Madrid campus is anomalous in many respects, with troubling consequences for a healthy academic environment.  

2009: Dissolution of the Graduate School
A crisis over governance occurred when VP for Academic Affairs Manoj Patankar dissolved the Graduate School in 2009.

Dec. 16, 2009: Faculty Senate President Joanne Langan complains in a letter to Fr. Biondi about the severe governance issues in this struggle.

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