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10/29/12 meeting report

About 22 people were in attendance.

Officers elected (there were no competitors):
  • President: Steve Harris
  • Vice President: Kathryn Kuhn
  • Secretary: Greg Comer
  • Researcher: Silvana Siddali
    • (a new post created for researching the information contained in AAUP reports, statements, and so on)
The next item of business was a motion to amend the existing requirement for announcements by allowing electronic means to suffice.  The motion passed unanimously.

The president reported on the upcoming Washington University AAUP regional workshop, mentioned the possibility of chapter dues (put off till another time), and then opened the meeting up to a discussion of what the chapter might do.  
  • documentation of cases of interest to the chapter
  • inter-school communication
  • publicity within the university
  • a rally for membership and political heightening
  • seeking advice from AAUP national sources
  • a Chapter letter to the Board of Trustees
In respect of the last idea, the following motion was made and seconded:
    "The Officers of the Chapter are empowered to compose and transmit to the Board of Trustees a letter expressing the sense of the Chapter."

The motion was passed unanimously.

There was much discussion of the best course for the Senate to take in the immediate future, what role other faculty could play, how the Chapter could help, the advantages of a large Chapter, how the Chapter might increase its size significantly, and so on.