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The 1818 ACC CRN site is now updated to list SPRING 2017 course offerings.

Welcome to 1818 ACC CRN Site

Welcome to Saint Louis University's 1818 Advanced College Credit Program's Course Reference Number (CRN) website. 

The purpose of this website is to help assist 1818 Advanced College Credit Program students and high school partners in communicating the upcoming semester course reference numbers or CRNs.

Using the CRN Site: Self Help Instructions

On the left hand side of the page you will see the Partner High School CRN Navigation
The links below this title are the full listing of partner high schools and link to their individual CRN webpages.

Steps to Using This Site
  1. Utilizing the left hand navigation, find you school and click on your school.
  2. Your high school's CRN webpage will load showing the full listing of courses for the current semester.
  3. Write down the course information.
  4. Finally to complete your registration or application in Banner Self Service, go to the Registration Resources webpage on the 1818 ACC website and choose either New Applicant (never applied for the 1818 ACC Program) or Returning Student (enrolled in 1818 ACC courses before). 

Post Registration

After you have your CRNs and have registered or applied through Banner Self Service, be sure to check out the Student Section on the 1818 ACC Website.

Valuable information regarding your registration status, tuition payment, deadlines, and transcripts has been made available to ensure your success in the program.

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