"The quickest way to silence a mouth, is to treat it
as if none had come before." -Denice Frohman

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"Stop M.Y. Generation is stoping youth from not being aware of the world around them. We're focusing on the most common factors of life that everyone can relate to, because children aren't thought or shown relative or real information about themselves. Children are taught the blurred and sugar coated characteristics and expectations; they are taught to follow, not lead."
-Arianna Yauger 

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  1. Over 3.2 millions students are victims to bullying each year.

  2. Over 67% of students believe that schools respond poorly to bullying, with a high percentage of students believing that adult help is infrequent and ineffective.

  3. Sex (or biological sex) is our biology, including our genes, hormones and reproductive organs.

  4. Gender expression is how we express our gender through our clothing, behaviour, music, speech, the way we walk, etc.

  5. Only 1 in 13 participants of peace negotiations since 1992 were women.

  6. The majority of persons smuggled illegally across country borders are women. Many of them are kidnapped or sold by their own families into the sex industry.

  7. 65% of young people of color feel white people have more opportunities than racial minority groups

  8. 60% of young people of color are often asked about their ethnic background vs. just 19% of young whites

  9. 7 in 10 teens say their social and political ideology is about the same as mom and dad's.

  10. Parent’s influence their child’s decisions 9/10 times.

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