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You will find all the resource and material necessary to complete the three modules of Multimedia 10. You will be learning how to make effective presentations, how to build your own webpages and how to build and use databases. Before we start on these three different projects we will spend about a week learning how to use your computers more efficiently and introduce you to using Google email and Google Apps which you will hopefully start to use daily in your studies and homework for ALL your other classes.

Multimedia 10 at a Glance:

Below is a quick breakdown of the course and the modules that will be taught in Computer 10.

Module 1

Visual Composition (COM1005)
Students learn to employ fundamental elements and principles of design for various media and gain a strong foundational multidisciplinary experience in preparation for other Communication Technology courses.

Students will:  
  • identify and discuss the elements and principles of design
  • discuss typography as it relates to the use of text in visual messages
  • produce visual compositions using a variety of media, e.g., print, photography, video, animation, where a number of elements and principles of design are used and have an identifiable impact on the intent of the message
  • identify copyright restrictions and permissions and put them into practice
  • present a selection of work completed in this course to an audience
  • participate in a critique or an assessment of compositions created by others; e.g., classmates, professionals
  • apply consistent and appropriate work station routines

Module 2

Students develop essential skills in camera use with a focus on:
  • basic composition
  • set-up and examination of exposure
  • operation of a camera to capture images
  • produce final display proofs
  • apply consistent and appropriate work station routines

Module 3

Students learn the technical and creative uses of:
  • aperture
  • shutter-speed and ISO
  • operation of a camera to capture images
  • demonstrate how combinations of the three elements give very different results
  • discover how a correct exposure is obtained through the combination of shutter speed, aperture and ISO, which make up the photographic triangle

Module 4

Students learn the fundamentals of consumer-based digital image acquisition, management, composition, manipulation and editing software to improve image composition.

Students will:
  • explain different types of image-capturing devices
  • use an image-capturing device/digital camera to acquire images that follow basic rules of visual composition
  • apply basic image editing software functions and commands to edit digital image files

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