Chapter 3

Plants are multicellular organisms with specialized structure.

 Lessons Outcomes Strategies Assessment
3.1    Cells, Tissues and SystemsStudents Will Understand:
  • the levels of organization (cells, tissue, organ, system)
3.2    The Leaf and PhotosynthesisStudents Will Understand:
  • how the leaf carries out the process of photosynthesis
3.3    The Leaf Tissues and Gas ExchangeStudents Will Understand:
  • gas exchange systems in plants
3.4    Transport in Plants Students Will Understand:
  • the various systems of transport in plants
3.5    Control Systems Students Will Understand:
  • the processes of phototropism and gravitropism in plants
  • the development of the theories of phototropism and gravitropism
Todd Wolsey,
Oct 30, 2014, 7:40 PM