Chapter 2

Living systems are dependent upon the functioning of cell structures and organelles.

 Lessons         Outcomes Strategies Assessment
2.1    The Cell as an Efficient, Open SystemStudents Will Understand:
  • the why the cell is considered an "open" system
  • how to label a cell and the major organelles that make it up.
  • how to explain the functions of the various organelles
  • the seven functions of life
  • (
2.2    The Role of the Cell Membrane in TransportStudents Will Understand:
  • the meaning of the three types of passive transport and their role in transporting energy and matter in and out of the cell
  • the processes of diffusion in relation to the concentration gradient in order to achieve equilibrium.
  • the function of channel and carrier proteins
  •  demonstrate the process of diffusion (air freshener; kleenex tissue, water and food coloring)
  • channel and carrier proteins (
2.3    Applications of Cellular Transport in Industry and MedicineStudents Will Understand:
  • how knowledge about semipermeable mebranes, osmosis, diffusion are applied in industry and medicine
  •  egg experiment (

 2.4    Is Bigger Better Students Will Understand:
  • how size and shape of a cell relates to surface area to volume ratio therefore limiting cell size
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