Chapter 1

Our current understanding of the cell is due in part to developments in imaging technology.

 Lessons Outcomes Strategies Assessment
1.1    A Window on a New WorldStudents Will Understand:
  • the development of the microscope and it's contribution to our understanding of the cell.

1.2    Development of Cell TheoryStudents Will Understand:
  • the development of cell theory
  • that all living things (organisms) are made of one or more cells
  • that cells are the smallest functional unit of life
  • that cells come from existing cells

1.3    Developments in Imaging Technology and Staining TechniquesStudents Will Understand:
  • how advancements in microscope and staining techniques have contributed to our knowledge of cell structure and function


 1.4    Cell Research at the Molecular Level Students Will:
  • identify areas of cell research at the molecular level
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