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Chapter 3

Chemical change is a process that involves recombining atoms and energy flows.

Chapter 3 Glossary Terms
 Lessons Outcomes Lesson Resources Assessment
3.1    Laws of ThermodynamicsStudents Will Understand:
  • Systems
  • The First Law of Thermodynamics and the Law of Conservation of Energy
  • Perfect Machines
  • The Second Las of Thermodynamics
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat Engines
 Various methods of assessment are used on a daily basis. Formative methods are observed daily as students work on notes, worksheets and group work. Summative assessment is done at varies times by means of homework, assignments, quizzes, chapter tests, and unit tests.
3.2    The Development of Engine TechnologyStudents Will Understand:
  • The Gunpowder Engine
  • The Heat Engine
  • The Savery Engine
  • The Newcomen Engine
  • The Watt Engine
  • The Internal Combustion Engine
3.3    Useful Energy and EfficiencyStudents Will Understand:
  • Useful Energy
  • Energy Input
  • Useful Energy Output
  • Efficiency
 3.4    Energy Applications Students Will Understand:
  • Energy Supply
  • Solar Energy Sources
  • Non-Solar Energy Sources
  • Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources
  • Energy Demand
  • Effects of Energy Use
  • Energy Consumption and Conservation