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Chapter 1

Investigating the energy flow in technological systems requires and understanding of motion, work, and energy.

 Lessons OutcomesLesson Resources Assessment
1.1    MotionStudents Will Understand:
  • Uniform Motion
  • Average Speed
  • Using Graphs to Analyze Average Speed
  • Plotting a Distance-Time Graph
  • Plotting a Speed-Time Graph
  • Motion video
  • Radar gun

Various methods of assessment are used on a daily basis. Formative methods are observed daily as students work on notes, worksheets and group work. Summative assessment is done at varies times by means of homework, assignments, quizzes, chapter tests, and unit tests.
1.2    VelocityStudents Will Understand:
  • Scalar and Vector Quantities
  • Distance Travelled vs Displacement
  • How to Identify Vector Directions
  • Speed and Velocity
  • Using Formulas to Analyze Average Velocity
  • Using Graphs to Analyze Average Velocity
1.3    AccelerationStudents Will Understand:
  • Types of Acceleration
  • Using Formulas and Graphs to Analyze Accelerated Motion
  • Plotting a Postion-Time Graph
  • Plotting a Velocity-Time Graph
  •  Khan Academy (acceleration)

 1.4    Work and Energy Students Will Understand:
  • Force
  • Work
  • The Relationship between Work Output and Work Input
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