Welcome to Computer 10
You will find all the resource and material necessary to complete the three modules of Computer 10. You will be learning how to make effective presentations, how to build your own website, study visual and how to build databases and use them. Before we start on these three different projects we will spend about a week learning how to use your computers more efficiently and introduce you to using Google email and Google Apps which you will start to use daily in your studies and homework for ALL your classes.

Computer 10 at a Glance:
Below is a quick breakdown of the course and the modules that will be taught in Computer 10.

Module 1

Students will:
  • demonstrate basic electronic spreadsheet software competence
  • create and manipulate data
  • format data and content
  • create and modify formulas

Module 2

Students develop skills with tools used for computerized presentations involving:
  • design, create and format digital presentations
  • create and format slide content
  • work with visual content
  • apply consistent and appropriate work station routines

Module 3

Students will:
  • create a Gmail Account and understand the many different tools available for their use.
  • be able to communicate their work to others in a organized and professional manner
  • create at least five different Google Docs assignments for other class they are enrolled in.
  • show proficiency in effiecently using the computer by the use of keyboard shortcuts and a will organized Home folder.

Module 4 - Optional

Students will:
  • create and structure flat-file databases
  • create and format database elements
  • enter and modify data
  • present and share data
  • apply consistent and appropriate work station routines
  • demonstrate basic competencies

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