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Allegorical Brothers' "Panic Brand" Freeze-dried Instant Cofffee

posted 11 Oct 2009, 16:03 by Slippy Lane   [ updated 1 Nov 2009, 04:28 ]
Brown and crystalline, nestled agin' my brothers,
Freeze-dried me, happy in my jar.
Unbidden comes the silver spoon,
To scoop me up, destination coffee cup.

Alone and at peace, thinking of my brothers,
A spoonful of freeze-dried me, contented in my cup.
A bubbling sound, a whistle and click,
Lifting me to turmoil, the water from the kettle.

Swirling, dissolving, hidden from my brothers,
Dissolv-ed me, spinning, burning bitter.
I settle and, again am stirred,
Added to by two spoons, granulated you.

Sweetened, happily remembering my brothers,
Complet-ed me, completing you.
The swirling, stirring, silver spoon
Stops stirring, our own momentum has us turning.

Gone now, tomorrow 'twill be my brothers'
Freeze-dried they, happy in their jar.
Fret not, my brothers for spoon or cup,
For fear is supped, and soon drunk up.

(C)opyright March 2007 

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