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Review All Letters

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 Welcome to our Web page!

We look forward to seeing you for the special projects we will do this year. Please note the following items:

Work on ABC letter names and sounds at home.

Check each MONDAY for the Kindergarten News. It will tell you of the upcoming events. You will find the weekly words to make into flash cards in this news piece.

Sturdy Play Shoes need to be worn each day.

Send a Snack Each and everyday of school.

Check your child's backpack every day!

Have a Great Day!

Sight Words:
    I  can a  and  we  the go  see  am  you  to  like it  play  have  in  are  will  for  is  do  this  so  on  or  his  at  he  she  what  little  here  was  said  of  look  with  all  love  come  be  her  has  that  say  too  one  push  who  any how  been  off  pull  done  does  once  my  if  says  put  me  where  as  not  up

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