Sr. Spahr

 ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! 
Bienvenidos, or "welcome", to the wonderful world of Spanish. I am a life long Spanish language learner and have thoroughly enjoyed the benefit of connecting with other people and their cultures by breaking the language barrier.

At Morro Bay High, I teach Spanish 1, 2 and the integrated 4/5/AP course. All have their challenges, but our level 2 course seems to be the greatest. The themes are extended from the same themes as Spanish 1, however, this class requires more focus to detail in grammar and accuracy of language use.

Spanish 1 is our introduction course which seeks to build a vocabulary base and beginning use of language. At this level we work on describing the self and friends as well as integrating explanations about basic activities.

Spanish 4/5/AP is taught strictly in Spanish and integrates authentic texts and audio-visual materials to engage all students in an immersion environment. I promote much self direction and collaboration at this level.

I have put this site together for both parent and student use, though it is primarily a tool for parents to keep themselves in contact with the calendar of our classes. Students receive the information in this site through our "Google Classroom", which is at times difficult for parents to access.
That said, simply click on your class in the left sidebar. That will take you to a calendar and resources page. The calendar speaks for itself, but the resources will include information such as how to create Spanish characters in digital documents, current vocabulary, and presentations that help to support the grammar of your particular class.

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