2017-2018 Courses
Many classes are gone!!! 
    Programming 1 is now Exploring Computer Science A.
Computer Technician is now Exploring Computer Science B.
ECS A and ECS B TOGETHER (you have to take both)  are a CSU/UC approved "G" course.
All other courses are two trimesters, and are either CSU/UC approved or pending approval.
There are TWO CTE Pathways:
                              Programming                               Computer Repair
                                                 ECS A                                                          ECS B
                   AP Computer Science Principles                       Cisco IT Essentials
                   AP Computer Science in Java                       Cybersecurity Essentials
Other Courses I teach:       APEX Study Skills
Club Pages:
Robotics           Engineering (SWENext)         Tech Club

Feel free to email me at:
     jfetcho  at(use the @ sign)  slcusd.org
     Please do not use the school voice mail. 
     Open the expectation sheet for your course and find a phone number there to contact me.
Student Responsible Use of Technology