Ms. Becky Lincoln                                                           Laguna Middle School

7th Grade World History



Textbooks (Class set only)

Medieval to Early Modern Times-Holt

World History Great Civilizations-National Geographic

Medieval to Early Modern Times-Pearson


Course Description

Students will be focusing upon the period from approximately 476 -1500 CE. Students will recognize the interrelatedness of geography, economics, culture, belief systems, and political systems within history. They will develop an appreciation of the multicultural and multiethnic dimension of our society and the contributions made by groups within the scope of study. Students will strive to improve their research, reading, writing, organization and preparation skills.

I use an interactive notebook which has been extremely successful.


Methods of Assessment

Grading will be based on written assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, homework assignments, and class participation. Students can check their grades online at any time using their password. Parents can do the same. I grade on a straight percentage.   

          90-100%=A     80-89%=B      70-79%=C     60-69%=D    59-0%=F


Homework/Makeup Work

Homework generally is not assigned. Students will be reminded to study for upcoming assessments and to complete long term projects. Late work will not be accepted. Students with an excused absence will be given one day per absence to make up work. It is the responsibility of the student to find out what was missed from my website and other students. I do not give extra credit.


Student Expectations

Students are responsible for coming to class every day prepared with a blue or black pen, and pencil. Each student will be given an 8 ½ x 11 notebook. Students are encouraged to have 12 colored pencils. Please email me with any questions or concerns at blincoln@slcusd.org.