Week 27 March 13-17-Week 28 March 20-24
We are working our way through chapter 7, covering a variety of topics from ratios, to more work with dividing fractions, to continuing our understanding of the Distributive Property.  Our chapter 7 test is scheduled for Wednesday March 22 and it looks like we will make that prediction. 

We are diligently working on our IEI project for the showcase on Friday March 24. 

Marble Run was sent home on Friday 3/10, this is an engineering project that will be created at home and brought to school no later than 3/ 23. This item will be on display for our Open House on Thursday March 23. 


Week 22 February 6-10 -Week 23 February 14-17

This week we will continue with chapter 6 (Dividing and Building Expressions). Students have been working on their fraction division skills and are now working to further develop their area and perimeter knowledge as well as simplifying and evaluating algebraic expressions. We will be wrapping up this chapter at the end of next week.


My homeroom is currently delving into Social Studies with Mrs. Woehrle. Her homeroom is enjoying Science with me. In Science we are using the microscopes to investigate cells (plant and animal). Students will learn how to use the microscope, observe cells and learn the different parts of a cell. We will wrap up the unit with a test on google classroom. 
Week 16 December 12-16 Week 17 December 19-22

This week we will continue with chapter 5 working on multiplying fractions and area. Students are doing quite well at this point and seem to be grasping the concepts of fraction multiplication easily. This concept will bring us into Chapter 6 after break, which deals with fraction division. Next week we will wrap up this chapter on Wednesday Dec. 21 with our ch 5 test. 

At this point in chapter 5 you should have seen two quizzes come home, we have gone over these quizzes in class to ensure they understand. Please go over these with your child and help as you can to reinforce again concepts that they may be missing. 


I am currently exploring the engineering unit with Mrs. Woehrle's homeroom. We are living the engineering design process through two different builds as well as discussion and readings on buildings that have failed. 
Image result for engineering design process  

No School Friday Dec. 23- Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!


Week 12 November 7-10 & Week 13 14-18


We will be wrapping up our unit 3 this week with an assessment on Tuesday Nov. 8, student have come home with a practice assessment as well as review questions for homework. We will begin unit 4 which focuses on variables and ratios. This is a quick unit and we will test in the week after Thanksgiving break. 

Section 4.1     You will write expressions with variables and learn about equivalent expressions.  You will work with your team to find strategies for representing and finding unknown lengths. 

Section 4.2     In this section, you will learn how to enlarge and reduce figures while maintaining their shapes.  You will also learn about using ratios to describe relationships between shapes of different sizes.


Those students in science currently have started exploring a unit on engineering. Last week we built a spaghetti tower that held a marshmallow on the top. Students will rebuild their structure this week after much reflection on their design. We will read about two different structures that have failed in history (leaning tower of pisa and bridges from the bay area). Leading to a final build of a different structure with straws and tape. 

Conference Week November 14-18

These conferences will be partially student led and will be with your homeroom teacher. Please be prompt for your conference as we have our schedule back-to-back and only 20 minutes. During conferences we will discuss grades, goals, areas of strength and growth. Please return green sheets with comments and confirmation of scheduled conference. 


Week 9 October 17-21


Students will be receiving their assessment grades for Ch 2. All students will have the opportunity to show growth on items that were misunderstood. Assessments are looked at through the lens of standards based grading (SBG), meaning a total score will not be spoken of but rather individual questions reviewed to know how students are meeting the standards. This assessment measured four different domains (Statistics and Probability, Geometry, Expressions and Equations and Number Systems). 

We will be entering into Chapter 3 this week as well find the outline below. 

chapter outline

Section 3.1     In the first section, you will develop a useful tool for finding equivalent fractions and verifying that they are equivalent.  You will also represent portions of wholes as percents, decimals, and fractions.  Then you will work to find efficient ways to move between equivalent representations of the portions.

Section 3.2     In this section you will describe motion on a number line using integers.  You will learn how addition can help you predict the starting or ending point of a series of moves.  Then you will relate this movement to finding distance.  Finally, you will connect your understanding of movement along a number line to distance on a coordinate graph.


Mrs. Woehrle's homeroom has been enjoying their time learning all about weather. Students will continue to work in 'Extreme Weather Teams' to learn about their designated sever weather in which they will then present to the class about it. This week we will discuss the atmosphere among other weather related topics.

Having Conversations about school with our kids...

We are entering into our few weeks leading up to parent conferences. This is a wonderful time to start having conversations about goals and work ethic in school. We always want to keep our kids eager to learn and passionate about their learning. A 'growth mindset' is a wonderful way to instill this drive in our children with the 'not yet' concept. See below for some great questions to help spark quality conversations about school. 


Week 7 October 3-7


Students will be working with rectangles to facilitate their multiplication skills, defining greatest common factor, and the distributive property of multiplication. 

Items DUE: nightly homework


We are wrapping up our science unit on weather this week with their 'Extreme weather team' presentations. 

This Week

Band starts this week Monday and Tuesday.

Tiger Challenge on Friday- thank you for all the support and continue to bring those envelopes in!!

Second week of electives!


Week 5 September 19-23

Welcome back from CIMI, medication will be dispersed this week that was brought to CIMI. Students need to hand in both logbook and journal that they worked on while at CIMI.


We are into our second chapter this week (See outline below). We developed a Venn Diagram, a Bar Graph and a Dot plot on Monday that detailed our class pet data. Through the week we will investigate histograms and stem and leaf plots. We will get into area and compare the relationship between area and perimeter. 

Items Due: homework nightly, Task 1 Due Thursday Sept. 22

  • Section 2.1

    To begin the chapter, you will learn several ways to represent data that you collect.  You will learn to make mathematically justified statements about how accurately your class was able to determine the length of one minute without using a clock!

    Section 2.2

    Section 2.2 focuses on area.  You will learn how to measure area using a variety of units, and why standard units are useful.  You will also learn about perimeter and its relationship to area.


    Section 2.3

    In this section, you will take a closer look at multiplication and how it relates to area.

Science (Core 1 only)

We will start our first 'true' science session this week as we get into learning about weather. Students will investigate weather, air and wind this week. 

Items Due: various readings


Week 4 September 12-16



Week 3 September 6-9


 This week we will be focusing on products and factor pairs. Students will explore traits about numbers using an extended multiplication chart. We will be wrapping up chapter 1 this week with a test on Thursday, students will review the day prior.  

Common Core Standards: 6.NS.4


Students are wrapping up their research on the flora and fauna of Catalina Island. We are presenting our findings this week. Thier brochures are due this Friday September 9th.


Please be looking at the packing list and asking any questions that you have. We are excited to be leaving for CIMI in less than a week.

Instead of using a phone tree, we will text you when we are close to home on Friday evening, Sept 16

To sign up for REMIND:

Parents, if you want to sign up on Remind you can use this information:
1. Text to 81010
2. In the message area type: @teachb
3. Parents do NOT have to upload the Remind app or go the website.

Other Items

Thanks for all your booster support, the kids are already reporting about their Tiger Game support. 

Pancake Breakfast Money due September 13th. 


Week 2 August 29-September 2


In math this week we will be continuing to work on learning our new math curriculum (CPM). Students did quite well maneuvering through the ebook and the lessons. This week students will work through challenging problems, dive deeper with number representation, and number sense.

Common Core Standards: 6.NS.4, 6.EE.1


In Science this week we will continue to learn more about CIMI, students will collaborate with their classmates to research about Flora and Fauna of Catalina Island. Students also will work at home on their own individual animal brochure.

Important Dates: Monday August 29- Back to School Night 6pm in the MP room

CIMI Packets-reference for specific due dates

Thank you for all your Booster Support!


Beginning of the Year Welcome!

Welcome back and Hello!

I am very excited to be teaching 6th grade at Teach Elementary. This summer brought many new things and adventures; changing jobs, moving, and getting married. I am excited to have landed at Teach and am eager to learn and explore the area and school.

A little about myself I am an East Coast native from Western New York born and raised, moved to California over 3 years ago to start my first job as a naturalist. I then taught in the classroom for the next few years and now find myself here in SLO. My husband and I got married in July and are excited for what the future holds. When I am not teaching you will find me outside, I am an avid runner, mountain biker, hiker anything outside makes me happy.  If I am not outside I really enjoy cooking and look forward to learning more about baking.

This page (particularly the home tab) will be updated weekly with information about math and science topics, as well as pertinent dates and other information. My site is for students to (1) check the homework calendar, (2) find links to important sites (ie: CPM, google classroom, etc.) (3) and know what is going on in the classroom for the week. Parents you can find similar resources but in addition you will find links to help you be successful supports to your child. You will find (1) CPM parent links, (2) Illuminate link, (3) as well as information about our field trips.

I am always reachable through email (hdodge@slcusd.org) and will respond promptly. This year is going to be amazing and I greatly look forward to meeting you as parents and am thrilled to have your children.


Hannah Dodge