Sophomore Calendar


10th Grade Suggested Courses and Activities

Sophomore "To Do" list:
  • Students should continue to develop the reputation for “working toward their potential.”  Nothing breeds success like success.
  • Try to earn A and B grades in all your classes. Focus on your class work and your homework to develop the study skills you will need to succeed in college.
  • Update your Educational Plan on your Naviance account with the courses you completed in the 9th grade and those you plan to take in the 10th grade.
  • The significance of extracurricular/volunteer activities take on even more importance in the eyes of college admissions officers as students progress through high school. Take part in enrichment programs, special summer workshops or camps at college campuses in music, science, engineering, writing, film making, theater, language, and many other subjects.
  • Students should learn to interact respectfully and personally with their teachers and counselor as they will need to know and remember them fondly when it comes time to request letters of recommendations and provide feedback to the college admissions process later in the senior year!
  • Visit your counseling office in fall to sign up for the October PSAT (Preliminary SAT). It is a junior test, but can be considered to be taken during the sophomore year.  This test will help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses.  The test is administered at Morro Bay High School one time a year during the month of October.

It is still not too late to qualify for college admissions? 

Click the link below to start planning future classes to allow for eligibility. This will give the student information on the classes offered at MBHS that meet college admission eligibility. A student must receive a "C" or higher grade in all A-G courses in order to be eligible to meet the minimum college admission requirement. 

UC/CSU Approved Courses

California Colleges Guidance Initiative: CCGI

We are excited to announce that SLCUSD will be partnering with SLO County Office of Education to introduce California Colleges Guidance Initiative.  

At this time, families please feel free to familiarize yourselves with the free CCGI website while our SLCUSD interface is being customized. Start planning your path college.