Freshman Calendar


 9th Grade Suggested Courses and Activities

Freshmen are urged to take a challenging curriculum. However, there is no point in pressuring them to take a combination of courses that will become unmanageable, and cause them to do poorly during their first venture in high school.
Freshmen should focus their efforts, and attempt to become the type of students who can be described as “working to their potential.”

Planning to apply to a 4 year university from Morro Bay High? 

Click the link below to start planning future classes to allow for eligibility. This will give the student information on the classes offered at MBHS that meet college admission eligibility. A student must receive a "C" or higher grade in all A-G courses in order to be eligibile to meet the minimum college admission requirement. 

UC/CSU Approved Courses

California Colleges Guidance Initiative: CCGI

We are excited to announce that SLCUSD will be partnering with SLO County Office of Education to introduce California Colleges Guidance Initiative.  

At this time, families please feel free to familiarize yourselves with the free CCGI website while our SLCUSD interface is being customized. Start planning your path college.

Freshman "To Do" List

  • Take challenging courses that satisfy college admission requirements. Consider taking an "honors" class in a subject of academic strength.
  •  Aim for A and B grades in all of your classes. Focus on your class work and your homework to develop the study skills you will need to succeed in college.
  • Maintain an excellent attendance record. Missing classes can have a very detrimental impact on your learning and success.
  • Work at developing solid study skill habits. Consistently do your homework! 
  • Remember that your freshman year IS important. It is just a myth that “the freshman year doesn’t count.”
  • Become vocabulary conscious, look up words you don’t understand. They will become words you will be expected to KNOW on national tests.
  • Read…Read….Read…This is the best preparation there is for doing well on reading/writing national tests. There is a direct relationship to how well students do on the writing/reading parts of the SAT/ACT and the efforts put forth in general academics.
  •  Participate in school activities available at Morro Bay High School. Join clubs, play sports, and volunteer. Take elective courses that interest you and that meet college admission requirements such as music, art, theater, or a language other than English.
  • Become “specialized” in an activity or activities that you enjoy – a sport (or more than one), or a club, or a church group, or a community endeavor, or student government. But don’t try to do too many things because it could interfere with your academics. Also, don’t become a club “groupie” where you are just a member, but don’t have the time or the interest to get very involved. As mentioned above, freshman should go out of their way to pursue school-related extracurricular activities. Campus clubs provide students with a wide range of interests to meet other like-minded students, as well as community service & leadership opportunities!