Spanish Wheel - Grade 7

Spanish Wheel
Laguna Middle School
Señora (Mrs.) Mila Vujovich- La Barre
Text:  Realidades (SW);  Handouts from The Spanish Grammar Notebook
Optional texts:           An English/ Spanish dictionary, published by the University of Chicago; The Dictionary of 501 Spanish Verbs, published by Barron's Educational Series

Course description:The Spanish Wheel is designed to introduce the student to the basics of communication in Spanish. Each student will learn the alphabet, numbers, greetings, directions, body parts, colors, food, clothing and more. All of the information will help to create a base for the student’s working knowledge of the Spanish language. He/ She will be exposed to the rich and varied culture of the Spanish speaking world.  He/ She will learn vocabulary and grammar by completing a wide variety of written, oral, physical and listening activities.  

 Grading:A student's grade is based upon a strict percentage basis of a cumulative point total. In other words, in the grade book, points are kept for each assignment, not letter grades.  Grades will be based on the following areas: quizzes, a Spanish notebook with grammar, vocabulary and cultural notes, projects and class participation.


Most work for the Spanish Wheel will be completed in class. 

All in class assignments must be properly headed, including one’s first and last name, the date, course title, period and the assignment.

If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to secure missed class work. The 7th grade student may come in during “Late Start Monday” or after school to complete missed work. Since I am teaching another 8th grade class during 7th grade lunch, making up work during lunch is not an option for students.

The Spanish Notebook:

Each student is required to maintain a notebook throughout the quarter. This notebook will be invaluable to each Spanish student. It should be a three- ring binder that can hold about 25 hand-written and Xeroxed entries from various sources, including handouts from various periodicals and The Spanish Grammar Notebook.Each student’s notebook should be up- to-date, organized and in one’s possession at all times. Students will be able to use the grammar, vocabulary and cultural notes on a variety of written assignments. It will be graded for neatness and completeness at the end of the quarter.


A project will be due approximately every two weeks. For each project, the criteria will be clearly delineated. If a student is absent the day of the project, he/she must consult with the teacher to schedule the project within three days of the absence.

Class participation:

A foreign language student should be in class daily to participate. Class participation means being present and following directions. It also makes learning and practicing Spanish fun! Weekly, approximately 30 points will be given for “active participation” through oral, listening and written activities. Each student should remember to express themselves in Spanish whenever possible. Excessive use of English in class may result in a loss of class participation points for the day.

Attendance and discipline:

Please use your common sense. My main job here is to teach and your main job is to learn. In order to facilitate both of our jobs, please observe the following:

1.  Be on time and come to class prepared. Bring a pen, blank notebook paper, and your notebook with notes in them. Do not expect to be excused from class to get any of these items. Please be in your seat at the beginning of class.

2.  No eating, drinking, or gum chewing in class. If you drink from a water bottle, please do so before instruction begins or after instructions stops. Students are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to campus and stay hydrated throughout the day.

3.  Please do not wear hats in the class.

4.  Please refrain from personal grooming during class.

5. Please do not display any electronic devices including I-Pods, cell phones or digital cameras. Please refer to Page 13 of your student planner for guidelines. “Cell phones must be turned off and put away during the school day. The school day is defined as running from the time the first bell rings until 2:59 pm. Ear buds are not to be worn at any time during the school day.” However, there will be occasions when you will be working in the computer lab or completing projects in class. In those instances, you may be allowed to use your personal ear buds. I personally consider them to be more sanitary than those provided by the school, that are shared with the rest of the students. No audio or video recordings are to be made during the school day unless they are part of a legitimate school project. “Cell phones that ring during class or are used on campus during the day” without teacher permission will:

a) On the first offense, be confiscated and returned to the child at the end of the day.

b) On the second offense, the phone will have to be picked up by the parent or guardian.

c) Students who subsequently break the cell phone rule could be required to leave their phone in the office during the instructional day.

Note: Under certain circumstances, a teacher may allow a student to use a cell phone. Such permission is granted only on a case by case basis and does not imply that a child may regularly make use of his/her cell phone. In the event of an emergency, the instructor will always provide access to the school phone in the front office or in the classroom. Please make sure your parents or guardians know your schedule so that they can avoid texting you or calling you during your class time, unless it is an emergency.

6.  Always treat school materials and my personal materials with care. Do not write on the desks or in the books. If you choose to damage school or my personal property in any way, be prepared to reimburse the school/me for any materials damaged.

7. The school rules for tardiness and absences will be followed. Be aware of these rules, as well as the policy outlined in the Lancer discipline code. The instructor reserves the right to assign a lower grade to any student with 10 or more unexcused absences.

8. Any infraction of the above or school rules will be penalized by one hour of detention. Please be advised that any delinquent detentions may result in Friday Work Program.

9. In the event that you are suspended for any reason, I, as the instructor reserve the right to deny you make-up work.

10. Please treat your classmates and me with courtesy and respect. Remember that old-fashioned manners are always in style!


 I will be available to you from 3:00pm -3:30pm, Monday through Friday and from 8:30am-9:10am on Monday. If you need to come in at any other time, please let me know so that we can arrange an appointment. If you are any time perplexed, in need of further explanation, or practice on any specific concept, please let me know as soon as possible by talking to me or handing me a note. We can troubleshoot any problem if you will come in and discuss it.


Teacher contact: Mila Vujovich-La Barre     Work: (805) 596-4055  

                           Work e-mail:

                           Home: (805) 544-5241 (6am-7:20am or 6pm-9pm)

                           Mobile: Available in case of emergency