Welcome to Science at LOMS!
The science department here at LOMS works together closely. We share materials in order to provide a wide range of stimulating and meaningful hands-on science experiences for all students. Daily lessons are designed to meet the adopted  Next Generation Science Standards, which include more engineering and environmental education as well as the familiar science core ideas appropriate for this grade band. We are seeking to understand the world and our place in it. The progression of science content is interwoven with the practices that scientists and engineers engage in while striving to understand natural phenomena and solve problems. We integrate math and language skills throughout the year to assist students with making useful connections.  Most importantly, we want our students to think critically, to investigate, collaborate, communicate, and explore (safely)!   

Science is everywhere in our lives...so find something that interests you! 
Read and summarize articles for extra credit in Science World!

Click   Interactive Textbook  for the on-line version of the Prentice Hall Textbook. 
Access Codes: Life Science=  cvk-9999  and Physical Science= cxk-9999

The Science Fair Project 2.0 has six categories to accommodate a wide range of student interests in the projects they design.   Seventh and Eighth grade students are required to participate. The teachers will guide the process throughout the fall semester and the fair will be held in early spring semester to celebrate their accomplishments. Please use the links below to get a general idea of what is involved in the project. The sidebar contains more links to resources for students to use through the process of completing a successful project.

Native Plant Project Update: 
Do you have a "green thumb?" 
Would you like to be involved in the greenhouses and native garden?
We need volunteers to help with the garden...please!
Students have been growing plants native our coastal dunes for 17 years and restoring habitat all over the LOMS campus, at Sweet Springs Nature Preserve, in the Elfin Forest, and now our neighbors' yards! Our plants are used by the landscape designers at Sage Eco Nursery in Los Osos.  This project has been successful because of our amazing volunteer efforts, especially John Chesnut from CNPS and Lori Olson.  Their children have graduated from LOMS years ago.  LOMS has been a good neighbor to Morro Bay State Park by trying to buffer the encroachment of exotic and invasive weeds and give the native species a chance to adapt.


All students are required to have passed the safety quiz and have a parent signature on their safety contract before they will be allowed to conduct laboratory investigations. After viewing the presentation, you may print the contract available in PDF at the bottom of the page.
Safety Information Presentation


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