KBAR/Book Projects

***Giving credit where credit is due: information on this page was copied from Mr. Coward's website and edited to fit my class. Thanks, Mr. Coward!!!***

What is KBAR?!?!?!
KBAR is an acronym for "Kick Back and Read". Every night. Well, at least Monday through Thursday. KBAR has several purposes; namely, to get you in the habit of reading daily and to improve your reading.

Step 1: Get a book; one you like and will look forward to reading. If you get into a book and you don't like it, get a new one. Ask me for suggestions. Ask your friends, family, other teachers, Mrs. Schwoerer (our librarian), or anyone for suggestions.
Books must be:
-120+ pages
-The correct genre (see below)
-Appropriate for your reading/grade level
-One you've never read before

Step 2: Read!!! 20 minutes of KBAR is reading is assigned each night for homework. In-class reading after tests or during silent reading time does not count towards your 20-minute at-home homework reading.

Step 3: Complete your Independent/Quarterly Book Project. Aim to have your book completed two weeks before the project due date (listed below). IQBPs are shared and discussed in class. Any handouts 
necessary will also be added to this page.

Independent/Quarterly Book Project Calendar

Quarter 1- fiction
Quarter 2- n/a
Quarter 3- fiction
Quarter 4- n/a