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Español 1

Tarea en octubre/noviembre:

Hay que estudiar Senderos, Lección 2:

Tutorials and assignments: (login to your student account)

Vocab. Practice:


Conjugating -AR verbs:

PLEASE NOTE! The following assessments will be started and hopefully completed in class.

Homework will consist of:

* Studying the links provided above. (Additional links will be added as we cover new material.)

* Being prepared for presentations and exams listed below.

Proyectos para octubre/noviembre:

1 Vocaroo, Rima#2, 4 octubre, 10 puntos:

Record yourself reciting the traditional Spanish rhyme#2 and turn in to Google Classroom.

2 Participación, 11 octubre, 20 puntos:

Cuaderno (notebook) and (online textbook assignments) check.

3 Prueba, 19 octubre, 45 puntos:

Study Senderos 1 Lección 2 vocab and grammar utilizing above links, and turn in student assignments.

4 Crédito Extra, 1 noviembre, 5 puntos:

Add to our "Dias De Los Muertos" altar by bringing in and sharing with class a memento of a loved one who has passed.

5 Proyecto Cultural, 23 octubre, 20 puntos:

Educate your classmates on a traditional custom or celebration in a spanish speaking country.

Create and turn-in your Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Prezi to Google classroom.

*Each slide needs to include:

- a question title: ¿Qué es?  ¿ Cuándo se celebra?¿ Dónde-2 mapas?¿ Cómo?¿ Quién?

¿Hay ropa, música, comida especial?¿ Por qué se celebra?

1-2 bullets/sentences of info per slide en español.

- LOTS of visuals

-a short youtube video

- maps.

-NO lengthy, boring Google translating!!!!

6 Vocaroo, Rima#3, 6 noviembre, 10 puntos:

Record yourself reciting the traditional Spanish rhyme#3 and turn in to Google Classroom

7 Una Entrevista, 8 noviembre, 30 puntos:

Create an interview about your class schedule with a partner utilizing our Senderos 1, lección 2 vocab. and grammar.

8 Prueba Final, 9 noviembre, 25 puntos:

A multiple choice test covering Senderos vocab and grammar from lessons 1 and 2.

9 Master conjugating verbs (ongoing):

Who is doing the action? Study pronouns and -ar,-er,-ir verbs:

ar verb intro and list.doc

*I'm in my classroom during lunch for tutoring and make-ups.
*HOMEWORK: Links available here for online studying at home: Realidades 1 and 2,, Vocab. Review
*Please contact me by e-mail:, or cell phone: (805)503-0969 Tracey Nelms     

PLEASE refer to PowerSchool for:
*Class assignments turned-in
*Upcoming assignments
*Any work missing noted by a "0" and "M" (missing) which needs to be made up during lunch

Please refer to student's "Cuaderno" Spanish notebook for:
*Clean, organized note taking
*Handouts, and semester plans
*Work completed
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