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Healthy Life WebQuest

You now know about nutrition and fitness, but what about all the other parts to keeping your body healthy?

As you explore this website be certain to complete your worksheet.

1. To begin you will need to define the words at the top of your worksheet. You should use the flashcards and a translation site (Spanish, Karen, Vietnamese) if needed.

2. Choose the picture below that goes with your topic.

3. Next you will make a poster that shares the information you learned from your article. Be sure to include the answers to all of the questions you answered on your worksheet. Also include pictures that help show the meaning of your poster. Click here to view the rubric for the poster - this is how you will be graded.

Poster Checklist:
Did you include all of your information from the worksheet?
Do you have pictures that help explain your topic?
Does it have a title?
Is your grammar correct?
Is the poster colorful and nice to look at?
Are your group members' names on the back of the poster?