Welcome to Chemistry!

This Chemistry course is an in-depth look at the fundamental characteristics and make up of matter. It is designed to promote scientific in
quiry and discovery. This is a course with real relevance in both academic and real-world applications. It encourages curiosity and provides opportunity for students to learn through hands on lab activities and develop relationships through collaborative learning.  Engaging in the study of chemistry broadens the picture of the world around us.

Students will develop effective study techniques and uphold academic/behavioral integrity in their work, both inside and outside the school atmosphere. Students will be expected complete rigorous coursework in class and at-home, prove their mastery of content knowledge on rigorous assessments and demonstrate a high level of personal responsibility.

We now offer two levels of Chemistry here at SLHS:
                                                                    -Regents Chemistry is

Classroom Pics

a more rigorous course that strives to prepare students for upper level and college science classes.
-Non Regents Chemistry is designed for students who like science but aren't sure if they want to take upper level or college science classes.

Under calendar you will find the upcoming assignments for each class.

Documents has information for each class about each unit and associated documents.

Materials needed are: pen/pencil, binder, simple calculator