Mrs. Van Nortwick's Awesome 5th Grade

Below is the information for ordering books from Scholastic

Class User Name: vannortwick

Password: weread

The Activation code is JVPDN

 Students and parents are welcome to contact 

me at  

Here is our Specials Schedule:  

A Day: Art, Library & Kinder Buddies

B Day: Gym

C Day: Music, Chorus

D Day: Gym

E Day: Tech

F Day:  Gym

What's Going on in reading?

Students Are reading one of three books in reading: The Wish Giver, The BFG, or Charlotte's Web.  We are concentrating on character traits and character motivation.  We will also explore theme. The mentor text we are reading is The Home of the Brave.

How about writing?

In Writing we are exploring personal narratives for the month of September.  We are working on adding important details and descriptions to our writing.   

And math?  

In  math we are working on place value from the thousandths to the billions.  

What about HW?  Students will have reading homework every night. Some nights it will be to finish a class assignment, the other nights they are to read their free reading books and log their time. (Minimum of 20 mins.)

Math homework is on hold right now except for studying their facts.  They will start getting fact sheets to do for homework.

Happening Today!