1 (10%)

2 (20%)

3 (30%)

4 (40%)

5 (50%)


  • Very little effort 

  • Poor & unfinished projects

  • Assignments almost always late

  • Inconsistent effort

  • Partially or barely adequate completion of projects

  • Assignments frequently late 

  • Good effort

  • Generally completes projects with care

  • Assignments completed mostly on time

  • Makes a very good, consistent effort

  • Completes projects with thoroughness

  • Assignments consistently completed on time

  • Works to the best of their ability

  • Produces a high quality finished product

  • Assignments always completed on time

  • Contribution

    • Impedes the learning of others 

    • Questions/ comments often distract from learning

    • Group work often disrupted

  • Rarely asks questions or offers ideas in class 

  • Seldom contributes to group work

  • Offers ideas and asks questions on occasion which help to clarify discussion for self

  • Good group work skills

  • Offers ideas and asks questions in class which help to clarify discussion for all

  • Very good group work skills

  • Consistently offers ideas and asks questions that clarify and extend discussions for all

  • Superior leadership qualities

  • Excellent group work skills

  • Attentiveness

    • Rarely attends class

    • Very little focus

    • Does not listen when others talk and interrupts when others speak

  • Sometimes attends class

  • Inconsistent focus

  • Listens inconsistently when others talk and will rarely have anything to add

  • Regularly attends class

  • Generally focused

  • Listens when others talk and will on occasion have something to add

  • Listens to remember

  • Regularly attends class 

  • Often focused

  • Listens when others talk and will offer additional input

  • Listens for understanding

  • Consistently attends class

  • Very focused

  • Listens when others talk and will often incorporate/build on ideas of others

  • Listens for understanding and relevance

  • Attitude

    • Often disrespectful to peers and teacher

    • Often makes inappropriate comments or questions only to challenge

  • Shows inconsistent respect for peers and teacher 

  • Occasionally makes inappropriate comments

  • Generally shows respect for peers and teacher

  • Questions sometimes don’t demonstrate respect intended

  • Shows respect for peers and teacher most of the time

  • On occasion questions ideas in respectful way

  • Consistently shows respect for peers and teacher

  • Often questions or challenges ideas in respectful way

  • Attendance/Participation Rubric – Ellsworth/Kissel/Stiles (50% of grade)

    Tests/Quizzes (25% of grade)
    Homework/projects (25% of grade)

    English 9
    English 10
    English 11
    English 12
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    English 9

    Monday-In school
    Block 1
    Room 205

    Block 1

    English 10


    Block 3

    Tuesday-In school

    Block 3

    Room 205

    English 11

    Thursday In School

    Block 1

    Room 111


    Block 1

    English 12

    Thursday Remote

    Block 3

    Friday- In School

    Block 3

    Room 111