Mrs. Snizek's Tooth fairy Page
The Lost Tooth Wall of Fame

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Children LOVE to see their name go up on the Wall of Fame for everyone to see! All that is required, is to be a child and be growing up! Losing a tooth is a "big deal" for children, particularly at younger ages, as the loss of the first teeth coincides with beginning school and becoming "big girls and boys". Parents may mark the stage as the end of their child's babyhood. Mrs. Snizek likes to celebrate this outward sign of growing up and also begin children on the path of awareness of the importance of the health of their teeth and how it relates to their general health. If your child loses a tooth during the school year ( at home or at school) encourage them to tell me about it, so I can honor them with a "molar" with their name on it on the Wall of Fame! :)

   Daily Brushing and flossing is the Key to a        Healthy Smile!

Children of elementary school age need help, encouragement and supervision while brushing their teeth.  Children should brush morning and night for at least 2 minutes each time. Brushing more often is even better.  Offer a reward, such as a story at bedtime or stickers for a sticker chart, if your child brushes carefully and for the recommended 2 minutes. Also, be a good role model by taking good care of your own teeth. YOU are your child's most important teacher!

         Remember:   2min2x  

 Brush for 2 minutes, 2 times a day!!

The Fluoride Tablet and Swish Program

The mission of the program is a simple one: "to provide children access to an adequate amount of fluoride for the prevention of tooth decay." The Pre-K and Kindergarten students take a fluoride supplement in the form of a pill. Every school day, the teacher will give those students whose parents gave signed consent forms, a 0.5 mg tablet of fluoride to be chewed and swallowed. Students who receive a fluoride tablet at school should NOT take a fluoride pill or vitamin at home on school days. If so, there would be a danger of the child ingesting to much fluoride, resulting in enamel fluorosis, characterized by permanent discoloration and/or pitting of the enamel on the permanent teeth, when they erupt. Parents MAY give their children fluoride tablets/vitamins on weekends, snow days, holidays or other non-school days, if they wish, without fear of their child getting too much. This is a very effective form of fluoride because it provides both topical and systemic benefits, meaning it helps both the teeth already present in the mouth AND those that are still developing. Fluoride tablets are most commonly used in Pre-K and Kindergarten because many children this age are too young to rinse and spit out fluoride swish successfully.

The fluoride rinse ("swish") is a topical fluoride that is used on a weekly basis for children age 6 and older (grades 1 - 5 ).The fluoride rinse comes packaged in individual cups and involves, "swishing and spitting". Your child's teacher or the dental hygienist, will supervise the class, as the children are asked to hold the rinse in their mouth for one minute, swish, and then spit the solution back into the original cup. Since this is strictly a topical application of fluoride, and it is NOT swallowed, it is perfectly safe and beneficial for children to swish at school AND take a fluoride tablet at home , as well. There is no danger to your child to do both types of fluoride. The fluoride rinse (swish) is provided to the school by the NYS Department of Health. The fluoride tablet program for the Pre-K and Kindergarden students is underwritten by the Saranac Lake Voluntary Health Assoc.

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Hooray for Healthy Teeth!

Mrs. Snizek has begun the process of dental screenings for students at the elementary schools for this school year (2015-16) A dental referral will be mailed home to parents notifying them if a problem is detected.  If you receive a referral, it is most helpful to contact the dental hygienist by email ( or phone (897-1567) and let her know when you have an appointment scheduled for your child to see a dentist.  If there are financial barriers to seeking dental treatment, the hygienist can be helpful by connecting parents with the Saranac Lake Voluntary Health Assoc. for financial assistance, thus assuring that children get the treatment they need.  There is nothing more important than a child's health! Untreated dental problems can lead to pain, serious health issues such as dangerous infection, and chronic absenteeism from school. When child is sick or in pain, they can not learn to the best of their ability.


 The Dental Sealant program for 2nd and 3rd graders typically occurs in the spring.  Permission forms were sent home during the 1st week of school.  Please let the hygienist know if you have not received one, if your child is in 2nd or 3rd grade. Time does not allow for students of other grades to receive sealants at school.  Why are they placed in 2nd grade?  Because MOST children at this age typically have all 4 of their 1st set of ADULT molars, which are the teeth that are most likely to develop cavities. For those students who recieve sealants in 2nd grade, and are signed up for the program again in 3rd grade, the hygienist can check the sealed molars for any problems or failure of the sealant and repair or re-place them.  All for FREE as the program is fully funded by the Saranac Lake Voluntary Health Association :)