• Students should use a folder or small 3-ring binder for this class; include some lined paper.
  • Please have a pen or pencil for each class.
  • My contact - sheftlau@slcs.org
  • Check your Google Classroom for items.
  • Go to Google Classroom  - I added a link for your interest.
  • Sleep Hygiene slide is due
  • Last page of Sleep Packet is due
Happy Thanksgiving!
Upon our return we will start a Unit on Nutrition!
Gobble ~ Gobble 

Homework will count for 20% of a student’s quarterly average.

This grading update will be implemented in an effort to increase MS student accountability.

NUTRITION UNIT             [be sure to save all of your materials for this UNIT as there will be a substantial EXAM at the end of our focus on Nutrition (TBD)]
  • Why is water the most important nutrient?
  • Check your Nutrition Facts labels before you guzzle that 32 oz. Arizona Tea!
    • 4 gms of SUGAR = 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar!
11/ 26 - 28:
  • Work with small group to research and report on a specific Nutrient.
    • Your group will create a few Google Slides to complete an informative and interesting presentation about a nutrient.
    • Bring your Chromebook to class - fully charged!!!
    • These Google Slides presentations will begin 11/29 + 30!
  • Be prepared for class by changing your clothes and wearing sneakers.
    • Submit your "Active Selfie" by emailing your pic to any of the PE teachers.  INCLUDE YOUR CLASS PERIOD and let us know if you want it posted on the hall wall (or not).
    • Volunteer work will count toward an Active Selfie.  Submit the appropriate paperwork.
  • LIFETIME PE STUDENTS - keep track of your activities for every class period in your Activity Log.